For contributors:


Polanyiana is the general philosophical periodical of the Michael Polanyi Liberal Philosophical Association. We accept papers from any field of philosophy. Our primary disciplines are: theory of knowledge, philosophy of science, history of science, history of philosophy, and philosophy of social science.

The Journal POLANYIANA accepts most well-known word-processor formats (Word, Word Perfect, Star Office, TeX/LaTeX), but strongly prefers manuscripts in RTF format. All manuscripts must be submitted electronically. Manuscripts will be prepared for blind referring by the editor. Allow margins of 1,5" on all sides, use full double spacing and letter size at least 12 pt. Please hand in manuscripts with arabic page numbers and without leaving out lines between the paragraphs. For the bibliography citation-organizing programs can be used (EndNote, etc.), but in this case also include the relevant file for references in a BibTeX file-format. The articles can contain up to three levels of subheadings (reviews only one), either numbered, lettered (e.g. I., II.a., III.b.i.) or unnumbered. All notes should be footnotes.

The manuscript must start with the title, the name, affiliation, and e-mail address of the author and/or translator (the publication of the e-mail address is optional, but it must be included in the manuscript). An abstract of the article not exceeding 200 words should follow. The book reviews must also contain the full bibliographical data of the reviewed work in the following format:

Author. Title. Place of Publication: Publisher. Year of Publication. Number of Pages. Translators.

To reduce the number of footnotes, POLANYIANA prefers in-text citations in the following format:

…as shown by Polanyi (1997)…

…reappears in (Polanyi 1994, 1997; Prosch 1998)…

Text references in connection with a quotation:

            (Polanyi 1997:101), (Polanyi 1994, I:64–5)

If the publication history is important:

            (Newton [1704] 1968)

The cited references should appear at the end of the article, in the following format:


First Author (Ed.); Second Author. Year of Publication. Title of Book. (Title of Series.) Place of Publication: Publisher.

Journal Articles:

Author. Year of Publication. Title of Article. Title of Journal. Volume(number):pages.

For further examples consult the The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition (University of Chicago Press, 2003) for scientific articles, or the Polanyiana website (


Pictures and tables should be supplied separately in photo quality as well, and their place in the text has to be clearly indicated. In these cases please contact the publishers to agree on the technical details.