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Tradition & Discovery: The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XXXVI Number 1 2008-2009


- Preface
- News and Notes
- Information on Polanyi Society Electronic Discussion List
- WWW Polanyi Resources
- 2009 Polanyi Society Meetings
- Walter B. Gulick: Polanyi and Some Philosophical Neighbors: Introduction to This Issue
- Robert E. Innis: Between Articulation and Symbolization: Framing Polanyi and Langer
- Notes on Contributors
- Walter B. Gulick: Polanyi and Langer: Toward a Reconfigured Theory of Knowing and Meaning
- Vincent Colapietro: Acknowledgment, Responsibility, and Innovation: A Response to Robert Innis and Walter Gulick
- Submissions for Publication
- Charles Lowney: From Science to Morality: A Polanyian Perspective on the Letter and Spirit of the Law
- Phil Mullins:In Memoriam: Marjorie Grene
- Information on Polanyi Society Electronic Discussion List

- Reviews
- Richard Gelwick: Philip Clayton and Jim Schaal (eds.), Practicing Science, Living Faith: Interviews With Twelve Leading Scientists
- Phil Mullins: Elizabeth Newman, Untamed Hospitality: Welcoming God and Other
- Andrew Grosso: Doug P. Baker, Covenant and Community: Our Role as the Image of God